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"...It's a relaxed and engaging swan song, providing lots of smiles and a number of big laughs." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of his last solo stand-up show in Pittsburgh

He has also worked with MF Comedy Showcase and Whiteboy Comedy.

Performing all over the country and in the UK, Kevin has entertained audiences with his absurd, intellectual (read: pretentious) humor.  In recent years he has been seen at the Pit Theatre, The Hollywood Improv, Room 5 Lounge, The Laugh Factory , Universal Bar and Grill, El Cid Lounge, The Ice House, Downtown Comedy Club (LA), Westside Comedy Theatre, and various college performances, not to mention two award-winning seasons with the Comedy Connection Theatre in Sherman Oaks.

He teaches classes in sketch and standup.

He is currently at work on a book about sketch comedy with former Mad TV writer Wiley Roberts.
You will enjoy his comedy.  You will laugh until you stop.  Then you will think about it later and laugh again.  Then you will finally get that other joke that you didn't get when you first heard it but you just figured it out and that is why everybody was laughing.  That's a funny joke, but man you have to think about it.  And seriously, $9 for a beer?  WTF?  Good joke, though.

Performing at Laugh Out Loud at Loyola Marymount University

Performing at Room 5 Lounge

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