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Midian Unmade tells the stories of the Nightbreed after the fall of their city, Midian. Driven from their homes, their friends and family members slain before their eyes, the monsters become a mostly-hidden diaspora. Some are hunted; others, hunters. Some seek refuge. Others want revenge.

Kevin Wetmore's The Night Ray Bradbury Died is the third story in this volume from Stoker Award Winners Joseph Nassise and Del Howison.


The classic magazine of fantasy and horror is back and in issue 32, you can read The Radiant Boy.  As Halloween approaches an astronomy professor grows concerned that his children are being haunted by the ghost of a boy murdered by his mother.

"One of the best of this issue...  The Radiant Boys is the successful combination of science fiction and Gothic folklore noteworthy by the fact that a scientist changes his perspective about reality within six days."

Christos Antonaros, Tangent (below)


SNAFU: Resurrection is a collection of military horror which features Kevin's Failure to Extract. Corporal Strayer, an infantryman in Vietnam who also happens to be a minister, is sent on a Long Range patrol to investigate reports of soldiers drowning in one inch of water and talking of fires. He discovers to his horror the reports are true, and he and his LURP are forced to run for their lives through the jungle to escape a vengeful goddess.


California's seldom explored dark side... Kevin's contribution, June Gloom, sets its story in Southern California.  Southern California is known for year-round sunshine. But what happens when the morning fog doesn't go away and something seems so horribly wrong? A stuntman's morning jog with his dog becomes an occasion for dark dread and fear.



Kevin was nominated for a fifth Bram Stoker Award! His essay, “A Clown in the Living Room: The Sinister Clown on Television” from Ron Riekki's "The Many Lives of Scary Clowns: Essays on Pennywise, Twisty, the Joker, Krusty and More" was nominated amongst the "Superior Achievement in Short Non-Fiction" category. Although Kevin did not win, he would like to thank you for your support and congratulate all of those nominated!

Click the link below to see the full list of winners and nominees:


Just in time for the holidays, comes O Horrid Night, a collection of holiday horror stories.  On the strangest Christmas Eve ever, a student home from college listens to his uncle's tale of meeting a vampire in Italy during World War II in Sol Invictus.

Kevin's Going Nowhere is a featured story in the anthology Restless.  It is being released as a stand alone e-book available on Amazon now.


Growing up in small town Connecticut, Eddie was always put down as a loser and a dirtbag.  After high school, when everyone else went off to college, he's still stuck in this nowhere town doing a nothing job, getting high to pass the time and numb the boredom.  Until one night, he learns of a stash of drugs at the party house that could change his life.  Too bad something monstrous lurks there and instead of getting out, he might be Going Nowhere.

The Cats of Ulthar is one of Kevin's favorite Lovecraft stories (he's dramatized it for the Haunting of Hannon Library event for several years now!).  So he is delighted to have his short story The Law of Unintended Consequences in the volume, a playful tale of the burgesses of Ulthar having to contend with a cat population that has exploded since they promulgated their famous law, namely, that in Ulthar no man may kill a cat.  But the law said nothing about spaying or neutering, right?

Urban Temples of Cthulhu contains Kevin's City of Our Lady of Angels, Virgin Mother of a Thousand Young.  In it, we find an academic who studies images of the Virgin of Guadalupe which draws him to a strange small church in Los Angeles.  A cautionary tale of what happens when a professor thinks he knows and understands more than he actually does.

9Tales Told In the Dark, features 9 chilling tales of horror. The ebook series featuring the authors you need to be reading.


In this 10th edition, we find Revenant, which tells the story of a dead girl who wills herself back into existence in order to find how she died and why.

Strangely Funny III features the story The Gunderson Family and the Sewer-Dwelling Reptoids of Anaheim, CA. It closes  out the fourth volume in this fun, funny, bizarre series.  See what happens when the Gundersons of Minnesota meet up with Reptoids while  on vacation in Southern California.

Mothership Zeta, a newly published ezine, features Tales of a Fourth Grade Shoggoth - What if H.P. Lovecraft and Judy Blume collaborated on a children's story.  This is the most likely result: a mashup of The Dunwich Horror and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.


Available for purchase at these different vendors listed below (click vendor of your choice to lead you to purchase):

Halloween Returns: A Fan Fiction Anthology, a collection of fan fiction dedicated to paying tribute to John Carpenter's original Halloween was released October 2015 by Horror Novel Reviews.


Horror Novel Reviews (HNR) made a contest out of its received submissions in which the winner would be featured on their website.  Kevin won the contest with his short story Ben Tramer's Not Going to Homecoming.  Please see below for a link to their website as well as a write up on the anthology at Dread Central.  (All of the fan fiction is free and fun - take a look!)

Seemingly normal people leading seemingly normal lives until that moment that causes disturbance.

Nine stories quickening heartbeats, including Kevin's The Night Clock. Set in the English Renaissance, a young nobleman learns the danger of trafficking with magicians.

The Whispers from the Abyss anthology series returns with more H.P. Lovecraft-inspired fiction created for readers on the go.


Kevin contributes Notebook Concerning the Class Struggle in Dunwich, Found in the Ruins of a Construction Site to this volume. A privileged Miskatonic University college student wants to build low cost housing on the Whatley's land in Dunwich. What walks there at night, thinks it's a very bad idea.

"The best one of these alternative formats is Kevin Wetmore’s Notebook Concerning the Class Struggle in Dunwich, Found in the Ruins of a Construction Site which is told through diary entries written back in the 1980s but only recently discovered. Much like Palisano’s Lucky Chuck the best asset of Wetmore’s story is its narrator who goes against the Lovecraft grain."

Nicholas Diak, Fanbase (below)

As you sit warm and cozy in your chair by the fire, comforted by the pretty lights and decorations of your holy nights, a chill runs up your spine. Part of you knows that the things that creep in the night and stalk your souls take no holiday. Indeed, as the members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Horror Writer's Association are here to remind you with twenty dark tales and four eerie poems, at this time of the year, many terrors lie just beneath the tinsel. They bring a special kind of fear that can only be found in The Winter Horror Days.


What if instead of going with the spirits Scrooge had hired paranormal investigators?  That question is answered in Kevin's A Ghost Hunter's Guide to Christmas Yet to Come.

In the fourth installment of Firbolg Publishing's Enter at Your Own Risk series, which pairs Gothic masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and H.P. Lovecraft with modern authors of the dark and macabre, the theme is environmental horror. As mankind's tsunami wave of progress, industrialization, and technology reaches spectacular new heights, sinister things are churning beneath the surface. Will we survive?


Kevin Wetmore's The Eleventh Whale asks what if the Second Coming was not in human form and that Melville was a prophet?


This short story was one of the receipients of the 2015 Silver Pen Write Well Awards and is also available in that anthology.  Click "AWARD LISTING" for the full list of Write Well Award Winners and the image below to purchase the anthology.

Twenty historical horror stories presented for your consideration, including Report on an Incident During the Battle of Malvern Hill, a tale of Civil War horror introducing Gidion Thorne Grimhand, Connecticut soldier turned monster hunter.


Click on the link below for an interview by Gwen Mayo with Kevin on the origin of the story.

September 2015 Devolution Z Horror Magazine delivers more monsters, more terror and features Godot Showed Up.  Set in Los Angeles, a year after the zombie apocolypse, the only two survivors are a homeless man who cannot remember anything past ten minutes prior and an heiress and reality TV star.

A mathematics professor is hired by the FBI to close gates to other dimensions, but he takes it a step further in Crawling Chaos Theory.  Lovecraftian fun with the end of the mythos.

Firbolg's collection of true ghost stories features Small Hauntings: The Shoulder and The Cigar; a momentary glimpse behind the curtain, nothing obvious or vulgar, a subtle sign that something else is here, a reminder that the dead are quiet but not necessarily silent.

In these 17 brand new tales of chilling Lovecraftian horrors by leading authors, discover new lands of terror.


In Rehab, celebrities go to a clinic that uses Crawford Tillinghast's resonator from Lovecraft's From Beyond to cure addiction.  What could go wrong?

This anthology of 19 urban horror stories explores the dark corners, shadowy alleys and mysterious underworld of all five boroughs of New York City providing the true reason why The City Never Sleeps.


In The Last Train to New Haven, a graduate student who identifies a bit too much with H.P. Lovecraft discovers horror on the ride back to Connecticut.

Seventeen stories touch the unknown, the unseen, and the undead. Visit what we avoid. Step into the shadows of the moon.


Stingy Jack and the Boys is a tribute to Halloween in the 1950s in which a group of junior high school friends show the new kid the neighborhood while Trick-r-Treating.  So put on your coonskin cap and your Lone Ranger mask, but take the long way around the house where that mean old man just died.  He might still be there...

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